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“Sensorial Self-Portraits”: The Creatively Bizarre Photo Works Of Edu Monteiro

Edu Monteiro1

There is practically nothing Edu Monteiro would not cover his head for a self-portrait. He refers to this series as “Sensorial Self-Portraits”.

The fairly disturbing series began in 2009. He conceals his face behind a mask comprised of found objects and materials, selecting them depending on the sensory and aesthetic impact they have on the viewer. Montiero’s images have featured bananas, feathers, coal, cigarettes, dead animals, and even an octopus, which is a welcome break from the endless stream of shallow selfies we see on social media every day.

More: Edu Monteiro, Instagram

Edu Monteiro2
Edu Monteiro3
Edu Monteiro4
Edu Monteiro5
Edu Monteiro6
Edu Monteiro7
Edu Monteiro8
Edu Monteiro9
Edu Monteiro10
Edu Monteiro11
Edu Monteiro12
Edu Monteiro13
Edu Monteiro14
Edu Monteiro15
Edu Monteiro16
Edu Monteiro17
Edu Monteiro18
Edu Monteiro19
Edu Monteiro20
Edu Monteiro21
Edu Monteiro22
Edu Monteiro23
Edu Monteiro24

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