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Unique Laser-Cut Jigsaw Puzzles Based On Geological Forms By Nervous System

When you’re a pro at putting together jigsaw puzzles, sometimes an everyday scenery picture just doesn’t cut it – you need a bigger challenge.

But don’t you worry, the design company Nervous System is here to help by giving you a challenge you’ll be working on solving for hours on end. They recently presented ‘Geode’, a computer-generated jigsaw puzzle made based on the formation of agates, a colorful banded stone.

Each of the jigsaw puzzles is a one-of-a-kind creation that is made with the help of a computer program, which starts off by creating the edges of the puzzle and then building it up by going inwards. The creators of the brilliant piece emphasized its singularity by explaining that “each band of growth exhibits slight changes in growth rate, color and character resulting in a unique pattern.”

“Our goal was to marry the artistry of traditional, hand-crafted jigsaw puzzles with the possibilities of new technologies. Custom software simulates crystal growth to create an organic interlocking pattern. Our laser cutter translates this into a unique set of plywood pieces. We collaborated with contemporary digital artists who created engaging artwork for the puzzles.”

More info: Nervous System (h/t: demilked, colossal)

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