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Enchanting Realms: Nature, Fantasy, and the Poetic Illustratons of Magda Boreysza


New Orleans-based artist Magda Boreysza draws inspiration from nature, mythology, folk tales, and medieval painting.

Her drawings and poetic comic strips express innocence and transformation with a precise yet free tenderness of style. The intertwining of lost children and vulpine beasts, trees and comets, hair and sea creates an atmosphere of endearing surreality.

“I have been drawing for as long as I remember. My work, I hope, reflects my deep love for nature, animals, and the wilderness in all of us. I make my own world, in which humans are one Creature among many. My primary medium is drawing, but I also work with textiles, sculpture, and printmaking. I studied traditional animation techniques at the Edinburgh College of Art and hold a Master of Fine Arts degree. I am Polish/Swedish and I reside in New Orleans, Louisiana.”

More: Magda Boreysza, Instagram

[image] 273580
[image] 813100
[image] 1059202
[image] 1192279
[image] 1254268
[image] 1316181
[image] 1330457
[image] 1577408
[image] 1792905
[image] 1886369
[image] 1984996
[image] 2194138
[image] 2489925
[image] 2729708
[image] 3465143
[image] 3564947
[image] 4205447
[image] 4365051
[image] 4411312
[image] 4800311
[image] 4811734
[image] 4977683
[image] 5190287
[image] 5747162
[image] 6172277
[image] 6374587
[image] 6635101
[image] 6676383
[image] 6841601
[image] 6855908
[image] 6945099
[image] 7092213
[image] 7159670
[image] 7161340
[image] 7271431
[image] 7328288
[image] 7512959
[image] 7541985
[image] 8069000
[image] 8077046
[image] 8274555
[image] 8445868
[image] 8463291
[image] 8560615
[image] 9853963

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