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Unveiling Nature’s Influence on the Future of Footwear Design


ALIVEFORM, a Japanese brand known for its 3D-printed shoes, recently showcased their work at a Paris showroom and has continued to grow rapidly.

They’ve partnered with PUMA to innovate the ‘Mostro’ shoe using 3D printing, focusing not just on aesthetics but on combining functional design with nature-inspired shapes. ALIVEFORM’s founder, @commeconception, has been pivotal in creating these designs, featuring unique shapes and textures. Their latest creation, the ‘Uni Mostro’, inspired by sea urchins, features a distinctive spiky yet smooth design. This collaboration extended to PUMA’s Paris Fashion Week, introducing additional items like shin guards and gloves, and even a microphone stand for Earth Eater @eartheater, showcasing a blend of fashion and functionality.

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