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Hiro Ando’s Modern Take on the Ancient Artistic Traditions of Japan


Hiro Ando, a notable artist who began his career in 1995 after graduating from the University of Art, has a distinct style that reflects both modern and traditional Japanese elements.

He focuses on Tokyo’s urban landscape at night, a setting that not only provides him with an endless source of inspiration but also serves as a backdrop for the narratives he depicts in his works. A recurring motif in his art is the red fish, which draws a connection to the ancient Japanese watercolor paintings, blending the contemporary with the traditional.

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[image] 82611

Ando’s artistic process starts with illustrations. He creates multiple sketches before moving on to the actual canvas. This methodical approach underlines his roots in illustration and has expanded over time to include other mediums like video, digital formats, and sculpture. His ability to integrate the dynamic of Tokyo’s nightlife with cultural symbols like the red fish highlights his unique artistic vision, bridging the gap between the past and present in Japanese art.

[image] 372706
[image] 717444
[image] 1069430
[image] 1481462
[image] 2101180
[image] 2229549
[image] 2341594
[image] 2551944
[image] 2598278
[image] 2747971
[image] 3751731
[image] 3927783
[image] 3963042
[image] 4044091
[image] 4221507
[image] 4416160
[image] 4477367
[image] 4557579
[image] 4591422
[image] 5579627
[image] 5811057
[image] 5822438
[image] 5908460
[image] 6168877
[image] 6226818
[image] 6347009
[image] 6391181
[image] 6403804
[image] 6452040
[image] 6501932
[image] 6555362
[image] 6855104
[image] 7127867
[image] 7282309
[image] 7626795
[image] 8393200
[image] 8448565
[image] 9230404
[image] 9300963
[image] 9391589
[image] 9512312
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