The Power of Imagination

In a very simple way, we can create at home 3D effect. It’s an amazing trick to change our interior into extraordinary space. Simple is better. Simple can be also funny. By PIXERS. Continue reading »

Photo of the Day: A Small Bobcat on a Power Pole

A small, likely juvenile, bobcat is perched on a power pole in a residential neighborhood of Victorville California. Victorville Animal Control and the California Department of Fish and Game were alerted but they do not attempt to trap or contain wild animals unless they present a clear, imminent danger. Bobcats are frequently found in residential areas on the border with open desert land. (James Quigg/The Victor Valley Daily Press) Click image to zoom.

Power Rangers Samurai

Power Rangers are pictured near Tower Bridge in London to mark the return of the kids’ favourite TV show, with its 19th series, Power Rangers Samurai (Ken Lennox)

Photo of the Day: White Power

An albino hedgehog walks in the Zoo of the Botanical Garden (Dendrarium) in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi, on September 5, 2001. The hedgehog was found at one of the construction sites of the 2014 Winter Olympics. (MIKHAIL MORDASOV/AFP/Getty Images) Click image to zoom.

White Power Milk

Sarah’s milk is bold, characteristically thick and buttery like melted vanilla ice cream. Collectors tend to enjoy her as a dessert. A little goes a long way, so take your time. Allow her flavors to permeate the mouth slowly. It’s not a race.

“Many are drawn to White Power Milk for the comforting certainty that our milk is the purest available. But it’s something more elusive, and difficult to put into words, that keeps our customers coming back. We create a select beverage that is not only more healthy for your body, but is culturally superior. Sure, the milk available at your local grocery store meets USDA government standards for quality, but these standards are set to a mere minimum of purity. You deserve the best.”


Hydroelectric power station Avce – Fixed gear heaven

Amazing rides inside the accumulation pool before it fills with water!

What Kind of Power We Got?

Come again with the same old bounce
I’m calling a foul and once again it counts
Mad tense mad tense brothers know
The blunts in the back got the black behind and that’s wack

Chicago black people community through the eyes of Lee “The Urban Observer” Bey. Fantastic documentary! Continue reading »