How A DIY Dress Helped One Woman Reclaim The Power Words Had On Her Body

Words have power. This is something Jojo Oldham knows all too well.

Whether you’re a soap star hearing lewd comments made by a politician 10 years ago or the average woman getting catcalled on her way home from work, what other people have to say about your body leave a lasting impression.

More info: Jojo Oldham (h/t: upworthy)

Over Oldham’s 31 years of existence, she’s received countless comments about her body — both good and bad. After years of letting these words affect how she sees herself, however, Oldham was finally ready to release them and embrace herself.

She took all the comments she’s heard about her body over the years and painted them on a dress. Posing for pictures, with a smile on her face, she took the power those words had over her and refused to let them dictate her self-worth any longer.

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