Pretty Power Plants

Power station Neurath, Germany.

You wouldn’t normally associate power stations with beautiful scenic shots but one photographer has traveled nearly 2000 to track down the ugliest energy plants and show them in a whole new light. Czech snapper, Radek Kalhous, uses Google Earth to find the perfect locations for his unique pictures and arrives at each site after sunset to create the atmospheric shots.

The 40-year-old uses nothing more than clever lighting and a tilt-shift lens to capture the ugly power stations in a series of dreamy photographs which resemble something from a model toy world. Radek has clocked up almost 2000 miles so far in his quest to create the thought-provoking photos.

Power station Frimmersdorf, Germany.

Power station Prunerov, the most dirty power plant in Czech Republic.

Power station Chvaletice, Czech Republic.

Power station Schwarze Pumpe, Germany.

Power plant Niederaussem, Germany.

Power station Chvaletice, Czech Republic.

Power station Prunerov.

Nuclear power station Temelin, Czech Republic.

Power station Frimmersdorf, Germany.

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