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Bugatti – The World Fastest And Expensive Car – 5

Dynamics in numbers. The new Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse boasts a remarkable maximum torque of 1,500 Nm (at 3,000–5,000 rpm) from the 7.9-liter capacity of its W16 engine. The maximum output (1,200 hp) is reached at 6,400 rpm.

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15 Adobe Photoshop Poster Tutorials

Tutorials are always very helpful for beginners. There are many designers who are working for tutorials; today we are featuring 15 adobe Photoshop poster tutorials for amateurs. Posters are always a lot of fun when designs and there are many things which keep

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Megazine Templates For InDesign

It’s time to see your favorite amazing templates of magazines. Print media having same worth and popularity despite of extreme indulgment of electronic media in all walks of life as before. There are still some print media loving people who always wait for new out

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Huge Examples Of Sequence Photography

Sequence photography is new in photography and can capture maximum moments of a photograph. It is a new inspiration for photographers. It is basically a series of images of a same photo in a successive way. It’s a wonderful way in showing

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15 Famous Maintenance Plugins of WordPress

WordPress is getting popularity day by day. It is one of most platforms which is using by bloggers and designers and photographers. It very user-friendly and reliable due to its security and customization, and even a beginner can easily

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Luxury Private Island In The Seychelles

Everybody wants to have one’s own private luxury island to spend vacations with friends or family. People might have seen some very luxurious islands but for variety Photography Heat is showing some awesome and fantastic luxurious type of islands to

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15 Unbelievable Examples of Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation is an ever growing relationship between graphic design and photography. Photo manipulations are great source of inspiration of people. With the help of

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Mercedes-Benz SF1 & Mercedes CLS 63 AMG

The German tuning company introduced their third presentation at the Geneva Motor Show, this time involving a fully customized Mercedes CLS 63 AMG and we are also presenting Mercedes-Benz SF1 final

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Brilliant Photographs Of Norway And Italy

Modern Italy is a self-governing state. It has been ranked as the world’s 24th most developed country. Italy plays an important role in European and global military, cultural and political relationships. Rome is the

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15 Amazing Features and Photos of Samsung Galaxy S4

Finally Samsung released its next model after Samsung S3 this is Samsung Galaxy S4. After watching all features and photos of this Smartphone you’ll notice the Galaxy S4 has the biggest screen, fastest processor, highest-resolution

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Finally Samsung Blast Its Galaxy S4

The Galaxy S4 follows the spectacularly successful Galaxy S III, which sold over 100 million devices in 2012.
From a design point of view, the Galaxy S4 iterated from the Galaxy S III, while still offering a more

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Creative Still Life Photography

The still life photography focuses on the contrast, colors, shadows and light apply to the objects. These photos are also examples of Photo manipulation. If you wish to visit our more related

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Fashion Photography By Marina Danilova

Marina Danilova is a Russian visual artist known primarily for her work in photography, beauty and fashion industry. While doing a successfully completed MA degree in Fashion Design, Marina started her career as a

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10 Examples Of Photo Albums For Inspiration

Today it is becoming very popular at home to showing photo albums. By personalizing Photo album anybody can remember their good and unique memories. Photo albums are the perfect way to share just about any experience, from baby’s first

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15 Fresh and Free WordPress Themes

WordPress becomes the basic need of any blogger, designers, or all other people and companies who are having their website. WordPress helps us to update our site on daily basis very easily. It is basically a platform which

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