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Amazing Sci-Fi and Fantasy Concept Artworks of Sung Choi


Sung Choi is a concept artist who has worked for clients such as Marvel Studios, Disney, Warner Bros, Bungie, Wizards of the Coast, and, Netflix Animation. Born and raised in South Korea, Sung later moved to Los Angeles and attended Otis College of Art and Design where he majored in Digital Media.

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[image] 256185
[image] 659461
[image] 926771
[image] 1219374
[image] 1311631
[image] 1572047
[image] 1936709
[image] 2246159
[image] 2346690
[image] 2372160
[image] 2711628
[image] 3023336
[image] 3108178
[image] 3952793
[image] 4013482
[image] 4504031
[image] 4942898
[image] 5128830
[image] 5717664
[image] 6004055
[image] 6113302
[image] 6185171
[image] 6189116
[image] 6527220
[image] 6831660
[image] 7183187
[image] 7341725
[image] 7635780
[image] 7636231
[image] 7680845
[image] 7702839
[image] 7859522
[image] 8477168
[image] 8511227
[image] 8652100
[image] 8757425
[image] 9030214
[image] 9084868
[image] 9731674
[image] 9745382
[image] 9930200Ama

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