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Work With Me People by Bart Hess

Bart Hess is a well know name in fashion, art and design. For his latest project ‘Work with me People’ he needed the help of 10.000 visitors to help him develop new fabrics.

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Urban Spa by Harm Rensink

Talented Dutch Designer Harm Rensink created this amazing urban spa during the Dutch Design Week 2012.

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Two liters of water by Malou van Dijck

Malou van Dijck’s water project is designed to make you aware of the amounts of water that you spill and the amounts of water that you could save.

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Furniture by Suzy Lelièvre

These pieces of furniture by Suzy Lelièvre are part of a continuous series of distorted objects, each one challenging the idea of conventional furniture to blur the lines between art and design.

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Pure Filtering by Lukas Jager

Pure Filtering by Lukas Jager is a project about visualizing the filtering process of water, making people more aware of the process.

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Perfume Tools by Jody Kocken

Perfume Tools by Jody Kocken is a beautiful set of tools which enables people who are allergic to perfumes to wear them again. This beautiful jewelry in the form of a necklace, earrings and a bracelet, is used to spread the scent of the fragrance captured inside.

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Copper lamp by Sebastian Goldschmidtböing

Sebastian Goldschmidtböing has explored his interest in light and the natural dialogue it shares with its environment with this beautiful copper lamp.

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deJoost inspiration gallery – No.6

This inspiration gallery contains a diverse collection of images – Issue No.6

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New Munich Sports store in Santiago de Chile

The architects from Dear Design explained that the main criterion for this project was to build up a light and open space to exhibit Munich’s shoes. And they did a pretty good job!

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The Sound of the Earth by Yuri Suzuki

The Sound of the Earth by Yuri Suzuki is a visual audio installation, The grooves on the vinyl globe represent the outlines of the geographic land mass. Each country on the disc is engraved with a different sound that plays folk music and national anthems from around the world when the needle passes.

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A dog with style by Sonya Yu

People spend vasts amounts of time sharing adorable pet photos, and it’s rare to see a single animal transcend the rest. But a new pup is the next rising star in animal photography! Her name is Trotter…

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Much Better Now, A short film by Salon Alpin


Much Better Now is a short film by Salon Alpin about a bookmark that is stuck in a forgotten book that is one day knocked over by wind. It experiences its environment by surfing the pages that turn in to ocean-waves, enjoying the ride of its life. As the book cover closes light reveals new challenges.

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Design Virus by Pieke Bergmans

These Light Blubs from Pieke Bergmans Design Virus collection have primarily been designed for collectors and museums. In recent years, Bergmans made a name for herself with mouth-blown crystal that coagulates into fluid forms.

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Plastic Nature by Alexander Pelikan

Plastic Nature by Alexander Pelikan is a furniture concept which illustrates the connection of the world of plastic and the world of wooden furniture.

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Moneygami by Yosuke Hasegawa

Japanese graphic designer and origami expert Yosuke Hasegawa is taking origami to the next level. Moneygami is taking different money bills from all around the world and folding them, by doing this he has created an incredible collection of world leaders wearing various hats.

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