red brand builders – Retail Brand Revitalization for Big C Vietnam

Big C Vietnam Brand Revitalization

Delivering on a core brand promise to provide every day low prices for all Vietnamese families, Big C has grown to be the leading modern-trade retailer across Vietnam. In order to stay in front, to communicate a more emotion-driven, modern and consistent brand image, key messages and store experience, Big C determined it was time to undertake a major initiative to revitalize its brand.

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20 Most Delicious Apple-Inspired Logos

Heimart Corporate & Editorial Design

Hi there, my Name is Simon Elsen and I am a young professional from Germany, Trier. In my bachelor thesis “heimart” I created a magazine which focusses on the local design szene of the region Trier, Luxembourg and Saarbrücken. It aims to showcase local work and projects, provides informations to professionals and others and gives upcomming designers a chance to inform themselves about the local design szene, the employment market and many other things.

Next to categories like local design shops and upcomming events, the magazine provides a plattform for local agencies, coworking spaces and freelancers to introduce themselves to the public and showcase their work. Furthermore the magazine showcases work and projects from students of the two big design&art colleges in Trier and Saarbrücken.

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NY Train Project

NY Train Project  shows an illustrated version of all 118 subway station signs in Manhattan. You can view the signs as if your riding the train line in New York. The site was created as a personal project by Adam Chang

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The Museum of Future Government Services

Identity, Exhibition Design, Interface Design, UI/UX Design

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Do I need a tagline for my logo?

I’ve been asked this question several times, “Do you think I need a tagline for my logo?”. Like distilling a fine whiskey, it is hard to get right and takes time to create a good tagline. From a simple descriptor or an emotive tagline, a deep understanding for each business brand and how they perceive themselves is key.

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Historical Figures’ Letterheads

“Letters have changed the world, from Churchill’s letters to Roosevelt during World War II to Martin Luther King’s letter from Birmingham jail. Here at MOO, we wondered how those letters would have looked today.

To reimagine how iconic figures could have branded themselves in the modern world, our creative team have designed unique Letterheads and Business Cards for some of the most famous letter writers in history, capturing each identity in a set of stationery.”

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Business cards Inspiration #1

Business cards are cards bearing business information about a company or individual. It the most effective ways of promoting yourself and your brand offline. Here, roundup 7 business cards inspiration part 1 are compiled to give inspiration for you to start thinking for your business card design.

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