Do I need a tagline for my logo?

I’ve been asked this question several times, “Do you think I need a tagline for my logo?”. Like distilling a fine whiskey, it is hard to get right and takes time to create a good tagline. From a simple descriptor or an emotive tagline, a deep understanding for each business brand and how they perceive themselves is key.

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Historical Figures’ Letterheads

“Letters have changed the world, from Churchill’s letters to Roosevelt during World War II to Martin Luther King’s letter from Birmingham jail. Here at MOO, we wondered how those letters would have looked today.

To reimagine how iconic figures could have branded themselves in the modern world, our creative team have designed unique Letterheads and Business Cards for some of the most famous letter writers in history, capturing each identity in a set of stationery.”

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Business cards Inspiration #1

Business cards are cards bearing business information about a company or individual. It the most effective ways of promoting yourself and your brand offline. Here, roundup 7 business cards inspiration part 1 are compiled to give inspiration for you to start thinking for your business card design.

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Perfect Examples of How a Logo Design Should Be Made


hese days people just want to get rid of the tasks, they are more like straight shooters, who don’t go to execute minute detailing that makes a design noticeable and worth seeing. Never think that keeping a paper and start making a sketch of anything would make you a sketcher, do not think that having a guitar can make you a guitarist, in the same way your designation of being a graphic designer won’t make you a professional…

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Logo Templates Mega Bundle

If you don’t have the time and budget to create a custom logo, this unique logo bundle is just for you! Bundle features 193 professional logo designs from Jumbo Design and MIIM Design which offers you a wide variety of options at one incredibly low price.

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Small Business Logo Design | Tips to Create an Ideal Logo for Your Small Business

Small Business Logo Design | Tips to Create an Ideal Logo for Your Small Business

A logo serves as a visual representation of what your small business does or provides, and to create an unforgettable or identifiable reference for potential encounters. A logo also differentiates your business and your products and services, gives individuality to your brand and helps to advertise your business’ goods and services.

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‘Ana Maria – Knitwear’ Branding

Project of branding by Álvaro de Almeida for small portuguese fashion label Ana Maria – Artesanato (Artesanato – the portuguese word for craftsmanship)

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Brand Communication Serang City, Indonesia (Concept)


This project aims to create a movement that I called “Kota Serang Ihsan dan Mandiri – Serang City Ihsan and Independent” through a method of community building.

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Good Sketching Skills Make Great Logos

Sketching is mostly used by the graphic designers before the graphical implementation. It is quite common in the professionals and beginners too. Today I am unleashing before you some beautiful examples that how can good sketching skills make great logos. The tinniest thing is emphatically drawn to help oneself creating the logo design on computer screen later on. This is a great inspiration to start sketching for your own upcoming tasks regarding logo designs. Have a look!

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