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Contemporary Tabeau Dressing * Nicole Brock

Contemporary Tabeau Dressing By Nicole Broc Contemporary Tabeau Dressing * Nicole Brock

Tabeau is the result of Belgium-based designer Nicole Brock’s analysis of the daily beauty routine. Composed of 3D volumes and materials and connected with hidden magnets, Tabeau allows the dressing table to perform the beauty regime whilst storing personal belongings.

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Yi by Michael Young

leibal yi young 6 650x593 Yi by Michael Young
Yi is a minimalist design created by Hong Kong-based designer Michael Young. The chair was designed for mass-distribution purposes, and can be stacked with the seat removed. The designer’s inspiration came mainly from Hans Wegner, a furniture designer specializing in wood.

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CUB by Yannick Martin

101 CUB PhotoC2C 6022 SQUARE2 650x650 CUB by Yannick Martin
What a surprise it is to discover the geometry of a triangle hidden within an angle of the cube.

Yannick Martin trained as an architect, but also works with video, graphic and product design. His latest project is called ‘CUB': three letters in reference to the three edges of a triangle that appears in the corner of a square table.

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Stage by Spell

leibal stage spell 11 650x430 Stage by Spell
Stage is a minimalist design created by The Netherlands-based designer Spell. Stage is an elegant meeting place for all your handheld devices. From now on, tablets, smartphones, and charges can fit naturally within your home environment. Stage is made from solid American walnut, coated steel and durable foam-rubber. Stage is easy to mount on most common walls, and has enough space to hold up a five-plug international powerstrips.

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Ash by Jardan Lab

leibal ash jardan 1 650x385 Ash by Jardan Lab
Ash is a minimalist design created by Australia-based designer Jardan Lab. Ash presents leather and timber elements in an elegant geometric pattern. Made to order with push-pad cupboards and drawers in a select range of Jardan leathers, this sideboard range is ideal for residential and commercial settings.

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Stan by Giancarlo Cutello

leibal stan cutello 1 650x367 Stan by Giancarlo Cutello
Stan is a minimalist design created by Italy-based designer Giancarlo Cutello. The design accommodates most entry-way items, and serves as a coat rack, coin tray, and container for accessories. The design is incredibly simple with an elegant aesthetic that beautifully furnishes one’s entry hall.

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Overgaard & Dyrman Wire Furniture Collection

overgaard dyrman wire furniture collection 4 650x392 Overgaard & Dyrman Wire Furniture Collection

Overgaard & Dyrman – a fledgling design brand based out of Copenhagen, Denmark – has unveiled their first collection: the handsome Wire Furniture Collection ($1,365 – $7,150). Inspired by traditional saddlery and metal work, the entire collection consists of intricately designed steel frames in either black coated steel or coated brushed steel, while the upholstery is made in your choice of two leathers…

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Pet Furniture Ideas

201 Pet Furniture Ideas
Welcome All! when we decorate our home, it is not at all difficult to forget our beloved pets. Of course, to get the furniture specifically for cat or our dog, seems extreme. But why not combine both? Ie to buy furniture that can be used and your pets!

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Nasa Chair by Kaleb J Cardenas Z

001 nasa chair kaleb cardenas Nasa Chair by Kaleb J Cardenas Z
First place award on Dimueble 2013 national furniture competition, México.

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Afteroom Chair by Afteroom

leibal afteroomchair afteroom 1 Afteroom Chair by Afteroom
Afteroom Chair is a minimalist design created by Sweden-based designer Afteroom. Afteroom Chair is a homage to Bauhaus and functionalism. It is deconstructed to take away any unnecessary structure, reduce the amount of material to the minimum and the aesthetic appearance to the maximum.

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A5 by Atelier Peekaboo

leibal a5 peekaboo 1 650x433 A5 by Atelier Peekaboo
A5 is a minimalist design created by Switzerland-based designer Atelier Peekaboo. The solid ash table “A5″ astonishes by its finesse and elegance through the details of its legs. They seem to blend into the tray by a clever woodwork. The design was first inspired by an overpass suspending the bridge much like how A5 suspends the surface of the table.

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Widen Chair by etc.etc.

leibal widenchair etcetc 1 650x433 Widen Chair by etc.etc.
Widen Chair is a minimalist design created by Denmark-based designer etc.etc.. A bold departure from the formal tradition of the historic Windsor chair, the widen chair emits a playful, humorous disposition obvious to both the viewer and the user. The generous, low and wide seat is designed to be enjoyed for hours on end, and invites a casual intimacy shared between lovers.

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Castor Chair by BIG-GAME

leibal castorchair biggame 11 650x433 Castor Chair by BIG GAME
Castor Chair is a minimalist design created by Switzerland-based designer BIG-GAME. Castor Chair is the latest addition to the Castor series, whose items share the same design vocabulary and characteristic details. Based on the ergonomics of a classic chair found in traditional Swiss cafés, Castor Chair is an iconic all-rounder. Light (4.3 kg), compact, stackable up to 5 pieces yet very comfortable, it suits domestic as well as commercial spaces.

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Walter Desk

walter desk olga guanabara large 650x845 Walter Desk

This extraordinary desk offers a striking merger of industrial and rustic styling. It has strong, angular legs of criss-crossed, hexagonal steel, and a broad surface of hot-rolled steel strong enough to withstand your heaviest workload. Sandwiched between these no-nonsense, industrial elements are three storage drawers, crafted from humble, reclaimed oak. The wood is left unfinished, to expose the weathered grain and telltale marks of its former life.

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Two-Dimensional Canvas Furniture

hanging canvas furniture 01 450x345 Two Dimensional Canvas Furniture

YOY Design Studio has come up with a concept for two-dimensional furniture, called he Hanging Canvas Furniture.

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