Sy1t Bike Wardrobe: A Bike Rack That Holds All The Little Things


With the Sy1t Bike Rack at home, get organised in a simple and stylish way.

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Cotton Coffee Filter

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An environmentally friendly solution to disposable coffee filters.

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iPhoneography by Michael O’Neal

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Michael O’Neal was born and raised in New York, where he studied graphic design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. New York City was his campus and he grew up fast, absorbing all of the art, design, and music he could get his hands on. After school, Michael worked in advertising where he began developing print and TV campaigns for a range of clients including Citibank, Hennessy, IFC, Nautica, Nike, and Target.

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Seaside House by Ultra Architects


Seaside House is a modern three storey residence designed by Ultra Architects. It is located on a site surrounded by pine trees in north-west of Poland, providing beautiful views of the Baltic Sea.

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22 Free Apple Device PSD Mock-up Templates

Apple mockups are the most popular digital device mock-ups. Device mock-ups are an easy solution to present your user interface designs and web designs. In this post, we are presenting a collection of 22 Free Apple Device PSD Mock-up Templates. These PSD templates include some interesting iPad, iPhone, Mackbook and iMac mockups. These mock-up templates are very easy to use. Photoshop files contains smart objects for adding your own screens. Go ahead and download them all.

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This Beautiful Table Actually Starts To Glow As The Sun Goes Down


The table was made and designed by Mike Warren, a DIY-er and columnist for Dollar Store Crafts. It’s a beautiful table with streaks of blue scattered across the wood that begin to glow as the sun goes down. The best part is that it’s actually a pretty simple project. With a little bit of woodworking knowledge you can build one of these awesome tables for yourself.

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Optical illusion Street Art by Mehdi Ghadyanloo


Mehdi Ghadyanloo is a visual artist from Tehran, Iran who creates murals that are part of the fabric of the city. Through the use of optical illusion, he portrays impossible scenes and gravity defying figures from radically altered perspectives.

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Wire Sculptures by Richard Stainthorp


English artist Richard Stainthorp captures the beautiful energy and fluidity of the human body using wire. The life-sized sculptures feature both figures in motion and at rest, expressed in the form of large-gauged strands that are densely wrapped around and through one another. By doing this, he gives the work an undeniable presence. Stainthorp also allows the bent wires to shine by keeping their metallic appearance free from any obvious painting or additions. Stainthorp has created these alluring artworks for almost 20 years. They don’t have any facial features, but through their body language, we understand their emotions. Some look as though they’re falling and communicate a feeling of freedom or infinite possibility. Another sculpture has a breathtaking set of wire “wings” that appear as its shield. To think that Stainthorp articulates all of this through something as ubiquitous as wire is incredible.

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Simple Guide to Website Navigation

A site ceases to exist if it lacks a proper navigation; what I mean to say is that a website without navigation does not serve any purpose. Visitors will be unable to navigate to internal pages and search engines might be struggling to get all the pages in their index.

Though we are all aware of the importance of having proper navigation on a website, designers tend to make silly mistakes and these silly mistakes finally make the lives of the visitors miserable. Here in this article, we are going to share some tips that can help you improve the navigation of your website to a great extent:

Point of Sale for Enterprises

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Sketchbook-Style Tattoos by Brazilian Artist Victor Montaghini


Whether it is a movie scene or a portrait of an ancient Egyptian queen, Victor Montaghini’s tattoos appeal to a large audience. Most of his designs get over 5K likes on Instagram, so that must mean he is doing something right. Of course painterly tattoos are one of the current trends, but his skills speak for themselves; his fine art background has clearly given him a solid understanding of the arts, and he effectively produces watercolor tattoos as well as stippling and ink drawing ones.

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Products of The Day #323

Phone Paal lets you use zoom and wide lenses on your phone. Also attach your phone to selfie-sticks & tripods, microphones, lens filters, and other camera accessories. And it fits in your pocket. The new Phone PAAL will let photographers and videographers attach lenses, microphones, and other accessories to their camera-phones.

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Bridge House by Joeb Moore + Partners Architects


The Bridge House is a contemporary residence located in Kent, Connecticut. It was designed by Joeb Moore + Partners Architects.

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Birds Photography by Sue Hsu

Sue Hsu2-min

Sue Hsu is a talented self taught photographer based in Taipei, Taiwan. She shoot also a lot of nature, macro and travel photography.

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Pursuit of Happiness

In his journey to seek his identity “Him” is looking for his dream job.

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House Ventura by David James Architects & Associates


House Ventura is a luxurious family home designed by David James Architects & Associates. It is located in Dorset, England.

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