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PowerAll Power Bank & Jump Starter

powerall power bank 650x398 PowerAll Power Bank & Jump Starter

The PowerAll Power Bank & Jump Starter is a convenient and portable device that not only charges your electronics, but also, jump starts your vehicle. It features a 12000mAH allowing you to jump start up your car 20 times on one full charge, two USB ports for simultaneous charging and a powerful LED light with 3 modes (flashlight, strobe light and SOS signal light). The PowerAll Power Bank & Jump Starter is the perfect companion for any road trip.

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Fighters by Nick Bowers

Nick Bowers 650x954 Fighters by Nick Bowers

Nick Bowers’ photography explores moods of the natural and manmade. His landscapes expose the paradox of grand oppressive spaces with their delicate and vulnerable details. His portraiture and still life series are revealing studies in intimacy.

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Photography by Abby Ross

Abby Ross 650x433 Photography by Abby Ross

Abby Ross is a talented photographer from San Francisco, who currently based in New York, USA. She shoot commercial, travel and lifestyle photography. Abby worked with Patek Phillipe, National Geographic China, The Huffington Post, Wallpaper Magazine, Interview Magazine, Time Out Magazine, The Daily Beast and ets.

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A peek into the keyhole by Sedki Alimam

baby 650x910 A peek into the keyhole by Sedki Alimam
A Peek into the Keyhole” is a series of surreal collages created from vintage magazines and advertisements. The project will be updated frequently.

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10+ Free Clean Responsive Blog Themes

Hello guys here we are with a pure collection of free responsive blogger templates. There are a huge list of blogger templates but these blogger templates in a collection of 10+ are very clean, minimalist and smooth. Below are some great designs that fall in the category of Clean Responsive Blog Themes.

emerge personal blogger template 640 10+ Free Clean Responsive Blog Themes

Emerge is a minimalist and clean personal free blogger template. The theme is fully-responsive from top to bottom ensuring you get the best benefit from desktop computer to small screen mobile devices. This is a responsive blogger template which comes with a lot of features.

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Toys by Andy Brown

Andy Brown 650x433 Toys by Andy Brown

Andy Brown is a freelance photographer based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK. He works for a number of corporate clients including the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University.

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Housebroken by Areca Roe

Areca Roe 650x650 Housebroken by Areca Roe

Areca Roe is an artist and photographer living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Areca has a piece in the PERSPECTIVES group photographic exhibition at the Minnesota State Arts Board office in St Paul.

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PROJECT UPCYCLE – Shopping Cart to Cargo Bike

1308 PROJECT UPCYCLE   Shopping Cart to Cargo Bike

Oslo based design and bike enthusiasts, Jason Kinsella and Shwahh Mass created an urban mash up by transforming forgotten urban junk into a surprisingly utilitarian creation. The purpose of the project was to inspire others to explore the possibilities in everyday refuse, while also cleaning up their local communities. The initiative was aptly named, Project Upcycle.

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Imaginary Towns by Francesco Romoli

Francesco Romoli1 650x433 Imaginary Towns by Francesco Romoli

Francesco Romoli was born in Pisa in 1977. Always interested in expressive forms of any type at age 14 he began to study guitar and music theory. He falls in love in computers in 1998 and started to work on hacking and net-art. He graduated in 2004 in Pisa in computer science.

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Love B&W Photography? Check out CrzyPnda’s Instagram

CrzyPnda BeachRomp 1 Love B&W Photography? Check out CrzyPndas Instagram

CrzyPnda is a photographer and artist whose passion is capturing the beauty of his surroundings in black and white. While his art can be considered quirky by some, there is no denying that he has a knack for capturing the raw sensuality of the female form while always leaving something to the imagination.

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GoSun Solar Stove

GoSun Solar Stove 650x397 GoSun Solar Stove

Grilling in the wilderness has become easy and quick with the GoSun Solar Stove. Using the power of the sun and its two foldable parabolic reflectors, it can cook a 3 pound meal in 20 minutes. It features a a borosilicate, evacuated glass tube cooking chamber that can reach temperatures up to 550 degrees and a staineless steel cooking tray for getting food in and out. It only weighs 7 pounds, so you can take it wherever adventure takes you.

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Beasts 2 by Justin Maller

Wozu by Dongwook Lee

dongwook lee everythingwithatwist 01 650x479 Wozu by Dongwook Lee

Dongwook Lee is a South Korean photographer who currently lives and works in Seoul. As his sister was a painter his photographs resembles, some time, a painting instead of an actual photograph. He has a degree in Chinese Language from Woosong College ,Daejeon, South Korea. The name of this project, Wozu, is a German word meaning ‘what for’. His statement was “Life is a war in which we struggle“, trying to explore human in extreme circumstances. He continues “In an endless circle of life and death—born in and cross the water to breathe his last breath—humans have been searching for the reasons for the existence and resisted the world and self-made limitations“. A very expressive way one can show life, war, community.

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Quality Concept Art by Anna Christenson

Adidas Outdoor Felt Boot

adidas outdoor felt boot large 650x820 Adidas Outdoor Felt Boot

Crafted from Italian felt, these lace-up water-resistant felt boots feature a grippy TRAXION outsole, rubber toe and heel caps and mudguard protection to keep out snow and rain.
It also features Primaloft Gold insulation material for more warmth, even in wet conditions.

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