Alex Bottle: Compact And Easy To Clean Bottle


Fear not the smelly water bottles of the past. Meet ALEX, the customizable and easy to clean bottle.

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The Samurai Cabinet: A Structural And Dynamic Display Case


The Samurai Cabinet combines Asian aesthetic, movement, and practicality. Inspired by Japanese armour, this display projects lightness and strength.

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Amazing Pumpkin Carving by Marilyn Sunderland

American artist and sculptor Marilyn Sunderland, for a long time is engaged in fine arts. Then she started sculpting in wood and glass. Now she sculpts in pumpkins.

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Siamese Fighting Fish by Visarute Angkatavanich

Photographer Visarute Angkatavanich takes amazing photographs of Siamese fighting fish that seem to float in the air.

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New Series of Streetart-Pieces by Banksy in Gaza // Palestine


Banksy finally revealed the location of his first new piece in 2015, which is Gaza in Palestine. Inspired by “The Thinker” by Rodin the first piece is entitled “Bomb Damage” and obviously with Banksy, the placement is just on point. On top of that, the elusive British street artist took the opportunity to reveal four new pieces which you will be able to find around Gaza.

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Photography by Roland Shainidze

Roland Shainidze2-min

Roland Shainidze is an amateur photographer in Toronto. He is a graduate student in humanities at York University and his photography is focused primarily on architecture, both interiors and exteriors. He has taken photographs in Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, London England as well as his native Georgia.

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Women’s Prison by Tomer Ifrah

Tomer Ifrah

Born in Israel in 1981, Tomer Ifrah began photographing documentary stories in 2007, after his first trip to Ethiopia. Since then he become committed to documentary photography, taking on long term projects while addressing social issues and daily life stories.

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Chinatown Loft by Buro Koray Duman

Chinatown Loft by Buro Koray Duman

Buro Koray Duman completely redesigned this 750 sq ft loft apartment situated in the Chinatown neighborhood of New York City.

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Little Hedgehog by Olga Demidova

Little Hedgehog by Olga Demidova

Collection of beautiful fairy tale illustrations by Russian artist Olga Demidova.

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Photographer Captures Intimate and Unguarded Portraits Of Porn Stars


Photographer Roger Kisby has shot a series of intimate portraits of porn stars in their unguarded moments.

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Beachfront Residence in Chile by Raimundo Anguita


This 3000 m2 beachfront residence was designed by Raimundo Anguita. It is located in Papudo, one of the more exclusive and elegant places on the central Chilean littoral.

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Viscous-Looking Photos of Models Completely Encased in Honey


Los Angeles-based photographer Blake Little covers the human body in honey and captures the sweet, sticky results.

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Introducing New Qards: More Features, Better & Faster

We are literally surrounded by complicated things which we need be able to figure out. We use complicated technology, play complicated instruments, and seems like we even start thinking in a more complicated way. Creating even a simple website has become a hard task. Developing Qards we started thinking about the essence of creating a website, when you want to tell about your product in a beautiful way, while not digging in complex editors with a large amount of functions. But less is more. We know that you want to do simple things in a simple way. Today we are a step closer to our goal. We are making Qards better, easier and more convenient. Meet New Qards.

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Fashion Editorial Amen by Bara Prasilova

Freebie: Flat design UI kit

We’re happy to reveal a great resource to all our users. Here is the ultimate flat design UI kit with lots of stylish elements, clean/modern design and lovely colors. Download this beautiful UI kit for free and use it for your own projects. Layered, well organized PSD file included, so you can customize the design as you wish.

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