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The Art of Nicole Duennebier, Including Her Works of Ruffs, Pearls, and Rotten First-Fruits


Nicole Duennebier’s vibrant works meld 17th- and 18th-century aristocratic portraits with vanitas still lifes and biological illustrations of deep-sea or microscopic life.

Her paintings, featuring intriguing titles like “Floral Hex” and “Out of the Strong Came Forth Sweetness,” evoke a complex blend of the organic and mystical. They appear as opaline, viscous forms reminiscent of internal organs, yet formed in surreal clusters. Through her classical style, Duennebier crafts a world of alluring yet alien organisms and systems, infused with the chiaroscuro light of the Old Masters. Her art, filled with undersea, microbial, and alien imagery, presents a continuous evolution of entropic beauty, creating a unique aesthetic universe that is simultaneously fascinating and unsettling.

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[image] 129719
[image] 270400
[image] 463082
[image] 1149426
[image] 1155657
[image] 1259581
[image] 1311042
[image] 1561423
[image] 1573997
[image] 1695731
[image] 1811306
[image] 2153886
[image] 2256261
[image] 2444854
[image] 3223702
[image] 3655484
[image] 3928103
[image] 3967244
[image] 3974115
[image] 4075652
[image] 4543994
[image] 5548224
[image] 5672701
[image] 5774776
[image] 6057023
[image] 6199921
[image] 6499645
[image] 6650470
[image] 6660291
[image] 7046954
[image] 7823037
[image] 7968884
[image] 7983501
[image] 8177688
[image] 8709731
[image] 8826536
[image] 9021783
[image] 9136517
[image] 9295954
[image] 9798799

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