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Graphic Designer Captures Pantone Hues Across Landscapes and Cities


Today, I would like to offer you the opportunity to observe how graphic designer Andrea Antoni (previously featured) interprets the world through the use of Pantone colors. Everyone has a different point of view on the world.

As a result of Antoni’s vision, landscapes and cityscapes are transformed into stunning color palettes through the digital incorporation of swatches that contain Pantone tones that are complementary to one another. It is impossible not to be charmed by the beauty of colors that we have a tendency to miss since the artist achieves such a flawless relationship between the shades.

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[image] 352204
[image] 435838
[image] 591635
[image] 724676
[image] 766470
[image] 996391
[image] 1163847
[image] 1256908
[image] 1711147
[image] 1723563
[image] 1822848
[image] 2082906
[image] 2842180
[image] 2922250
[image] 3168762
[image] 3806511
[image] 3913556
[image] 3936563
[image] 4036778
[image] 5436845
[image] 5692717
[image] 6177861
[image] 6345089
[image] 6368150
[image] 6462270
[image] 6687393
[image] 7085835
[image] 7258533
[image] 7458839
[image] 7506200
[image] 7551649
[image] 7621012
[image] 7879965
[image] 8004223
[image] 8015315
[image] 8218241
[image] 8273743
[image] 9096258
[image] 9631760

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