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This Photo Series Sheds Light On The Taboo Of People’s Lives With Stoma


According to a photographer Milos Nejezchleb: “A stoma – or an artificial opening made in an organ of the body. In the Czech Republic, where this photo series was created, an estimated 20,000 people carry their stoma bags hidden under their clothes.

For some, it is a hard-to-accept handicap, for others liberation after long health complications. However, stoma represents a chance for a quality life for everyone, or a chance for life as such. Life with a stoma is a taboo. People with a stoma are often ashamed of their bags and often don’t even tell people around them about their condition. Even among health professionals, many myths and false stereotypes can be found about living with a stoma bag. It is a theme that remains hidden not only under clothing, but also in society.”

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