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sotsart 1 SOTSART Project
“Hero, Leader, God”

SOTSART by Alexander Kosolapov. He has lived and worked in New York City since 1975.

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Balls to Bull Fighting

dyt Balls to Bull Fighting

A T-Shirt Concept for the Balls to Bull Fighting campaign. Please take the time to sign up and vote.


Linocut City Maps – Where in the world

london designyoutrust Linocut City Maps   Where in the world
This is a linocut print of London, thats about A1 in size. The following pictures show the close ups, carvings, and prints of the new york and amsterdam lino cuts.. More of my work can be seen here

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Swanarts and Swanofobia is portfolio and “blog” of Paweł Kozłowski, designer and painter from Poland

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Siedemzero.portfolio of Paweł Przybył

print deski1 Siedemzero.portfolio of Paweł Przybył

Siedemzero is portfolio of multidisciplinary designer from Poland, Paweł Przybył.



582 james1 Rinzen

Australian design and art collective RINZEN is best known for the collaborative approach of its five members,

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Dutch House of Photography

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Irrational Fear of Scary Japanese School Girls


Earph Exhibitions

earph 1 Earph Exhibitions
earph 2 Earph Exhibitions
Take a look at awesome artworks of Matthew Williamson.

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533861193849947 INTERVIEW WITH Nelson Balaban : XTRABOLD

Here’s it ! Nelson Balaban just launched his new version of XTRABOLD for his happy birthday and he accords to DI4ART an interview !

View the interview !


Typo Linomation – Hand Carved Animation

poster done smallest Typo Linomation   Hand Carved Animation
This is a Hand Carved Animation, Carved into linoleum. The technique is called Linomation (linoleum + Animation) more linocut work can be viewed here

Take a look at the animation on youtube here

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Nature’s Best Photography

amazing Natures Best Photography
Amazing photos. Take a look at this for more.


Confessions of a Fartknocker

590591212948625 Confessions of a Fartknocker
Album artwork for MUTT a joke punk/rock/hardcore band from New Jersey.

Just graduated. Just got featured on TheSerif. Just wanna know what you guys think of some of my work. More at

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Passive Aggressive Anger Release Machine

anger release machine 1 Passive Aggressive Anger Release Machine
Passive Aggressive Anger Release Machine
Insert a coin and wait until your selected piece of China will fall into the bottom of the machine… breaking.

by Yarisal and Kublitz

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