Created by French animation studio H5, Logorama is a short film that sees a universe and its inhabitants created entirely from globally recognised brand names and symbols.


walter raes’s ‘tampon top’

‘Raes’ friends challenged his claims that anything can be fashioned into something you can wear…

“By grouping single tampons together, I created a complex but versatile top,” Raes tells Ecouterre. “The object you shy away from actually becomes beautiful.”
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just uarrr

cool illustrations of blogger and illustration-student marcel wichmann alias uarrr, based in hamburg.
more illsutrations here.

the Design Cove | Photography by Vera

Chris West: Graphic Designer

I have just updated my website with some new work which I hope you’ll find interesting.

Illustrations by Yuta Onoda

French Gumball 3000 Team

Gumball race is just starting and French Team have already thought of an original way to speed without getting caught too easily.

The idea of painting a ship in odd patterns is credited to British artist Norman Wilkinson during the time of the first world war. The concept — which became known commonly as “dazzle” — was an attempt to confuse German U-boats by making a ship’s course and speed difficult to judge, and thus difficult to torpedo.

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Romanian Studio

Ecuson Studio updates.

Japanese Emoticon Stamp

Japanese emoticon stamp! More pics here.

The Art of Julian Meagher

“Julian Meagher is a contemporary Australian artist based in Sydney.

Classically trained in Australia and Italy in oil on canvas portraiture, his work has evolved to include aesthetically complex and intricate oil paintings of tattoos on viscerally painted floating body parts, as well as larger cultural scenes.”

View more of Julian’s work at inkbutter.com.

The Ground is Moving, by Christoph Oertli

Video artist Christoph Oertli explores the cityscape in his new installation «The Ground is moving». The stunning double screen projection had recently it’s premiere at the Cinematheque in Montreal.

See more at www.christophoertli.ch

Marisa Lingerie

[vimeo 11304460]

creative and sexy advertising idea from Marisa Lingerie.

The Cupcake Canon by Johnny Cupcakes


Hidden Passion

A self-initiated project based on unwanted scrap cars. Ashwin photographed old vintage cars around various scrap heaps in Surrey, England and combined the beautiful photography with a love story, outlining the passion men have for old unwanted cars.

To view more of Ashwin’s work please visit www.gridlondon.com

Lei Che Persevera Vince by Remi Rebillard

“Lei Che Persevera Vince” by Remi Rebillard, full story and more info here.