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Dylan Collard Photography

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Marcos Chin Illustrations

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Gridnik Creative’s Abstinence Project

Check out the Abstinence Project, a series of posters and t-shirts designed by Californian firm Gridnik Creative in an effort to combat teen pregnancy. The United States leads the entire western world with teen pregnancy hovering around 30%, so this kind of design conscious approach is welcomed. Using the classic Helvetica man figure, Gridnik has illustrated some fun, safe alternatives to unprotected sex.

More Pics

Up close and personal


Details of nature. A photography study.

15 Beautiful Images of Letterpress Work by Sensura studio

Sensura Studio is letterpress printing, graphic and interactive design.
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“WHERE LIFE IS CREATED”- 2010 Color Of Life Ad Campaign….


Jet Phynx



Showing light on some cool brands who follow “Culture & Life”

God Bless

More goodies coming soon….

Mr. Mitote Custom Vinyl Toys

Straight outta Mexico City comes Mr. Mitote. He´s got mad skills at customizing toys!
Check out more of his works HERE – portfolio of Andrea Risko

Beautiful Packaging System by Steven Smith Teamaker

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The Hand Collector

The Hand Collector is an artistic project featuring hands from all over the world.


Consollection features a great gallery of video-console, from Pong to the Wii. A nice overview of original designs and packagings, also available as printed book. More here.

Beautiful Letterpress Work by Struck

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Foundamental network

[vimeo 8410773]

Cool Graphic Design Work by Steven Bonner

Steven Bonner is a very talented graphic designer, illustrator, and typographer from Stirling in Scotland. These are some awesome examples from his portfolio. I really like his typography work and his graphic designs.

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Jonas Eriksson Work

Jonas Eriksson is a 25 year old designer/developer that has already worked in projects for some of the biggest companies in the world like Universal, Lincoln, Warner etc. He also worked for agencies like Psyop, the Glenn Group, Mubito and many more. Currently he’s available for freelance work worldwide.

More info and works on Creative Side