Selection of Fashion Books

We have selected the Best Fashion Books of this season with some classic Street Style and great names of Haute Couture.

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iLoader Is A Must If You Have Facebook And An iPhone

Facebook has become notorious for many different things. It is by far the most popular social network today. It is also probably the most redesigned site on the entire Web with new Facebook designs launching almost monthly. As a result, it is also the most debated site when it comes to the design. Lastly, I find it to be one of the buggiest sites on the Web especially when it comes to uploading pictures and videos.
iLoader for iPhone is the perfect companion for your iPhone/iPod Touch and it completely changes the experience of uploading content to Facebook from the ground up.

The Raveonettes – Heart Of Stone

Very Creative Music Video by Chris Do
Via Unstage (Click here to watch video)

Lady Gaga on a Single

ahaha I laugh soo much when i saw this ! – see all of them here

C8-H10-N4-O2 Coffee Cups

This amazing coffee cups were developed by students at the Israel’s Shenkar Academy of Engineering and Design under the supervision of Alex Padwa and David Spectre. It’s the most interesting desing of coffee cup I ever see! The title refers to the chemical formula of caffeine. I think this concept could help to make coffee-breaks more creative and inspiring:)

coffee & tea at mydeco

Amazing selection of smoke effect

Everybody needs Sweetness

New awesome illustration by the italian artist Flavio Melchiorre.

Fire Rainbow lamp

How to use the potentiality of the light. How to have, our in own home, the possibility to use our needing sun. Here, we can use the possibilities of the artificial sun via a neon UVA and a standard light . Equilibrate our need for our well being. A lamp to domestic scale of the body for a physiological effect. It is the role of the lamp: fire rainbow . Copyright Manuel Duret Continue »

Photo Treatment: Turn a Day Image into a Mysterious Night Scene

In this tutorial we´ll create a night scene based in a photo taken during the day. It´ll look better than taking the photo of the same place at night, as it isn´t very illuminate at later hours. The effect by itself isn´t so difficult to create but I´m sure this idea can be used in a lot of works. Here is a preview of the image we´ll be creating:

View the full tutorial

We automatically control your life – serie by Hulk4598 – Rétrofuturs


The French illustrator, Stéphane Massa-Bidal (aka Hulk4598, or Rétrofuturs) had imagined the Google story, better than 1984. Some covers interpretations for Google products, in A2, A3 & A4 posters.
Some of his work are available to buy by email.

Flickr | Website | Cargocollective | Facebookgroup | personnal Facebook | Twitter
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Collection Iguassu Falls (Localizated Stamp – Textile Design)

Matt Needle Freelance Designer/Illustrator

Matt Needle is a Cardiff UK based Designer / Illustrator currently seeking projects to work (commission or collaboration).
He has worked for many clients already in his short time and is gaining recognition and praise for some of his illustrative work.
He has worked for Big Chill festival, Hugo Boss, Nike, and many more, and is interested in branching out and working on some new projects with some new people,
He can be contacted at
please view more of his work at:
He also has prints for sale:

Generative Art: subblue

Beautifull Mandelbulb Ray Tracer by Tom Beddard.
More on Designaside.

Oliver Zahm – Purple Diary exhibition

Oliver Zahm Purple Diary

More information about the Oliver Zahm’s exhibition in Paris, on Le Blog de Yoland.

Loris & Livia – Sidechair

Nice Sidechair design by swiss duo Loris & Livia. More pics here.