Solange Knowles

solange dur Solange Knowles

A non-commercial collaboration project with the LA based photographer, Ray Kay, and her model Solange Knowles. Just some explorations of style and elements.

Btw, just updated my portfolio as well…

Nike SB’s warehouse

White Washed

whitewashed1 White Washed
whitewashed2 White Washed

Jordan Seiler’s “New York Street Advertising Takeover” hit the streets over the weekend when over 120 illegal billboards throughout the city were white washed by dozens of volunteers. Later in the day over 80 artists transformed the blank canvasses with original artwork.

More images can be seen at:
Visual Culture
Wooster Collective

Ghost In The Cell

pict 62 Ghost In The Cell
benjamin gudel 02 Ghost In The Cell
pict 31 Ghost In The Cell
Benjamin Güdel is one talented cell-shading artist. More of his work here.

Chanel Fiole Design Concept

give a hand to wildlife campaign

wwftoucan small give a hand to wildlife campaignwwfcrocodile small give a hand to wildlife campaignwwfeagle small give a hand to wildlife campaignThe WWF “Give A Hand to Wildlife” campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi Simko, Geneva, by creative director Olivier Girard, copywriter Jean-Michael Larsen, art director Nicolas Poulain, with body painter Guido Daniele. +Link.

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JaRa’s Sensitive Illustrations

jar2 JaRas Sensitive Illustrations
jar10 JaRas Sensitive Illustrations
jar12 JaRas Sensitive Illustrations
Absolutely miraculous illustrations by Yaroslava Krutakova (JaRa), hot Russian illustrator chick.

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Who Said Toys Were For Kids

kingken2 01 Who Said Toys Were For Kids
dunny2 01 Who Said Toys Were For Kids
Kidrobot make amazing toys. Not for kids. More here.

Spinning toy top CD

snake top 02 Spinning toy top CD
snake top parts Spinning toy top CD
A simple spinning toy top built from a CD and a couple of brass lamp finials. Created by Sean Ragan. Go to his website to read tips on how to make one.

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

History of the Main Complaint (1996)

William Kentridge is a South African artist who’s become very well known for his charcoal based hand-drawn animations. This video of his is titled History of the Main Complaint (1996) and although it is not new, its always good to step back in time and revise powerful works that need to be seen again and again…
[youtube q1sPLXMg1BQ]
v/ colectiva

Skateboard nudity

img 8550 Skateboard nudity
img 8555 Skateboard nudity

Pictures by Oliver Rath. More here

Hubert Blanz

Roadshow09.jpg Hubert Blanz

Check out austrian artist Hugo Blanz. Via G&B.

Your House on Trees? Yes, It’s Possible!

tree1 Your House on Trees? Yes, Its Possible!
Amazon Tree Houses was formed in 2007 by Derek Saunderson, a Joiner and Treehouse builder with over twenty years experience. His aim was to bring the craft of treehouse building back from the accountants and sales-men, and put it firmly back in the hands of the crafts-men who’s passion for treehouse building shows in their skill and commitment for creating beautiful natural structures.

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Provocative Photos by Andy Tan

Influenza 2009: Ciudad de México