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30+ Beautiful Long Exposure Photographs

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Sophia Ahamed – Graphic Designer/Illustrator (Melbourne)

Sophia Ahamed is a graphic designer and illustrator originally from Vancouver, British Columbia Canada….. more

Saatchi & Saatchi

Legendary Dragons in Modern Graphic Designers Interpretation

Thousands of myths about the appalling creatures called dragons can be found in the folklore of practically every country. Although every nation describes them differently, endowing with some peculiar characteristics (for example, existence or absence of the bat-like wings, front legs, feathers or scales, etc.), all of us equally feel irrational fear of them. There is no single theory as for the reason or source of myths about dragons; however, some scientists suggest that fossil remains of dinosaurs – animals people have never seen alive, but witnessed their tremendous remnants – gave raise to the legends about huge, furious, fire-breathing creatures.

Dragons look imposing, fear-inducing, invulnerable, and invincible. They are characterized with supernatural power, sharp eye, wisdom, longevity and surely rage. Scientists suggest that mythological dragons just like large cats, snakes, and birds of prey possess the features a human being has an inherited instinctive fear of.

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Marion Cotillard Gets Undressed

Intricate Street Art Enriched in Mexican Culture

When I first laid eyes on these beautiful murals by street artist Neuzz aka Miguel Mejía, I was really impressed with how his work is so enriched in Mexican culture. If you look closely, it’s hard not to blown away by the amount of detail he puts into them. In particular, his use of color and contrast is incredible.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis.

Omikron Touch Me Wall Light

Omikron Touch Me is a decorative wall lamp that uses a clear and geometric formal language. As the name suggests, Touch Me can be turned on and off with a touch. The metal ball in the center of the fixture acts as the touch switch. Provides indirect ambient illumination.

Cross Check Arm Chair

In a Santa Monica workshop established by Knoll in 1989, Frank Gehry began experimenting with a new approach to material and structure. Three years later, Gehry’s groundbreaking collection of laminated maple chairs and tables was previewed at The Museum of Modern Art in New York. Inspired by the woven construction of apple crates he had played on as a child, Gehry began to weave thin strips of wood into lightweight fluid forms. The ribbon-like designs transcend the conventions of style by focusing on the essential challenge of integrating material and structure.

Ilary Blasi for GQ Russia

Patrick Branigan – 322

20 website designs for inpiration

Here is the collection of 20 beautiful colored web designs for inspiration. If you are web designer or planning to start your own personal or business website then this collection will give you some idea about how your website must be.
20 colorful designed websites for inspiration

Violet Darkling rings

Julianne Moore does Vermeer

Interior Design – How to Maximize a Small Space

Modern homes are smaller and more elegant than the sprawling homes of the past. Rather than be concerned about smaller spaces, learn to embrace them. Maximizing your small space is easy if you follow a few simple design techniques.
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