35mm Photography by Jodi Melody

Jodi Melody

Jodi Melody is a talented 18 years old self taught photographer based in Wellington, New Zealand. She shoots a lot of portrait, travel, nature and lifestyle photography.

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The Beauty Of Finnish Winter Swimming

“Swimming in 4 degrees celsius water in the middle of winter is an old tradition in Finland. I created this short series of photos to show the beauty of the sport. Winter swimming is not only good for your your health but also a great way to clear your mind from trouble and stress. This will be an on going project that I will continue next winter.” – Konsta Linkola.

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Edie Campbell by Patrick Demarchelier

Edie Campbell by Patrick Demarchelier

Beaty English model Edie Campbell photographed by Patrick Demarchelier and styled by Karl Templer for Interview May 2015.

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Black and White Animals Photography by Peter Delaney

Peter Delaney

Peter Delaney is a talented self taught Irish photographer currently based in Wilderness, Western cape, South Africa. He shoots a lot of wildlife, animals and landscape photography.

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Days of Night in Norilsk by Elena Chernyshova

Elena Chernyshova is a Russian documentary photographer, based in France. She was born in 1981 in Moscow, USSR. A self-taught photographer, she developed a passion for this visual language during her studies at an architectural academy. After two years of work as an architect, Elena quit her job and cycled with Gael de Cevoisier from Toulouse to Vladivostok and back again: 30,000 kilometres, 26 countries, 1,004 days of cultural, human, and challenging experiences. The trip led to her decision to become a photographer.

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Photography by Richard Ramirez Jr.

Richard Ramirez Jr.

Richard Ramirez Jr. is young photographer, who was born in desert town Arizona in 1995 and currently based in Los Angeles, California. He shoots a lot of editorial, portrait and lifestyle photography.

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Cubes by Lernert & Sander

Cubes by Lernert & Sander

Ever since they began collaborating in 2007, the artists and filmmakers Lernert & Sander have been known for their high-conceptual art films, eye-catching installations and keen fashion aesthetic. Driven by their cheeky sense of humour, Lernert & Sander’s simple yet stunning approach has earned the duo numerous awards, international accolades and industry-wide recognition. They live and work in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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Live Music Photography by Jay Hynes

Jay Hynes

Jay Hynes is a professional photographer and art director based in Melbourne, Australia. Jay shoots a lot of advertising, portrait and music photography. He dislikes jazz music and bands that break up.

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Surreal Self Portraits by Ben Zank

At the age of eighteen, American photographer Ben Zank found in his grandmother’s attic an old camera. Now, four years later, he still uses that camera—a Pentax ME Super.

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Flying Cars by Sylvain Viau

Sylvain Viau

Sylvain Viau is a talented artist, designer, photographer and yacht engineer based in Carentan, France. He created the “Flying Cars” photo series.

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Devil’s Children by Brit Bentine

Brit Bentine

Brit Bentine the photographic artist behind Locked Illusions creates a new world of dark and fantasy photo art for her clients and public viewers. She strives to create a photographic art piece unique to each client. She never shoots or styles any photo theme again once it has been done keeping it unique, special and very original to that family. Her commissioned pieces made specifically for her clients will never be resold to anyone else.

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Creative Photography by Nixon Freire

Nixon Freire

Nixon Freire is a self-taught 26-years old photographer based in São Paulo, Brazil. He shoots a lot of commercial, portrait and automotive photography. Nixon started commercial photography in Salvador, Bahia in 2012.

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Fashion Photography by Manu Fauque

Manu Fauque

Manu Fauque is a talented young French photographer based in Paris, who captures daily life around the world. Manu shoots a lot of travel, urban and lifestyle photography.

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2015 Photo Shoot, with Baseball team Miami Marlins, the session took place in Miami at the Marlins Stadium where the photographer had 10 min per player, using two cameras at the same time and profoto Pro 8a 2400 The photographer shot continiusly freezing the moments and getting two diferent angles of each shot to use latter on a 3D video.


Maria Veranen by Willy Vanderperre

Maria Veranen by Willy Vanderperre

Beauty model Maria Veranen photographed by Willy Vanderperre and styled by Benjamin Bruno for i-D Spring 2015.

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