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Garia 2+2

European manufacturer of luxury golf and leisure cars, Garia, has now launched a new model with seating capacity for four passengers. The new model is called the Garia 2+2 and it is fitted with a rear seat with space for two more passengers.

“The Garia is essentially a very versatile vehicle that can be used for local transportation, golfing and daily errands. With the Garia 2+2 it becomes a vehicle that you can use with your family and friends”, says Mr. Anders Lynge, designer of the Garia. “It is also a great option as a utility vehicle for hotels and resorts”.

In keeping with the Garia concept of design, quality and luxury the rear seat is elegantly integrated into the current design.

The Garia 2+2 includes features such as:
– Spacious carpeted 15 U.S. gals. / 58 liter storage room under the seat
– Seat belts on rear seat
– Gas damper to keep seat bench in upright position when accessing the storage space under the seat
– Non-slip floor foot rest
– Additional storage space between the seats suitable for umbrellas, jackets or other items

The Garia 2+2 comes in a street legal and non-street legal version and with the same body and seat color options as the other models (Garia Golf Car, Garia LSV and Garia Monaco). The Garia 2+2 is also available with luxury options such as a refrigerator built into the dashboard.

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