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This Designer Has Made A Flying Hoverboard That Actually Works


We’ve all heard for much of our lives that hoverboards will exist…one day. Well, apparently that day has arrived, with the introduction of the ArcaBoard.


When designer Dumitru Popescu of ARCA Space Corporation was on a photo shoot for a different project, he was chatting with someone, when it was mentioned that it would be awesome to have a hoverboard to hover over the rough terrain.

Dumitru’s response, “oh yeah, that’s a simple task, of course we can do this.”


With the technology already possible, Dumitru set out to create a hoverboard. The result is an airframe that houses 36 electric-ducted fans that can create 272 horse power.


The first person to test the hoverboard was Elena Simona Popescu, the company’s Public Relations Manager.


Then, of course, it was time for Dumitru to try it.


“It worked!”


Unfortunately, the flight time is only 3 to 6 minutes, depending on the battery charge.


You can buy one if you want, but they’re kind of expensive, with a price tag of $19,900.

h/t: contemporist


Watch the video below to see it in action:

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