An Artist Is Drawing Famous Characters With Coronavirus References To Show Support For People Impacted By The Pandemic – Design You Trust

An Artist Is Drawing Famous Characters With Coronavirus References To Show Support For People Impacted By The Pandemic

People around the world are finding various ways to cope with the coronavirus pandemic. There are also people like New York-based artist Gripless, who’s using art to show solidarity with people impacted by the virus.

Gripless is an anonymous artist who illustrates puns inspired by celebrities, characters, and current events. Speaking to Insider, Gripless said he originally thought the coronavirus was “a distant issue.” But once he realized the severity of the pandemic, he immediately turned to art.

“There was a moment when everyone was like, ‘This is a real thing, it’s affecting us right now, and we can’t just pass it off like it’s someone else’s problem,'” the artist said about coronavirus. “It affected me greatly and I was like, you know what? I’m going to start drawing how I’m feeling,” he continued.

More: Gripless, Instagram h/t: insider

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