FRUITZ Watches

Looking for something different, refreshing, fun and fashionable, that also promotes relaxation through proprietary Natural Frequency Technology? Welcome to Fruitz Watches!

The Concept. The Fruitz concept was conceived in 2007. The goal was to create a collection of fun-wearing, colorful, fashion watches that could improve the wellbeing of wearers through natural frequency technology.

The Reaction. Fruitz received an unprecedented reaction from the fashion and health communities alike. A vibrant community of fans, including celebrities such as Dakota Fanning and Selena Gomez, has developed, as Elle, Vogue, Glamour, Parade, Shape and Health and Fitness magazines, amongst many others, have let their readerships know about these trendy timepieces that may help wearers experience less stress, better sleep and improved focus.

So what can Fruitz do for you? Fruitz and perfect for telling the world exactly who you are, in a way that will make others notice, and smile. Cool and colorful, Fruitz will make you feel wholesome in style. Like the benefits your body receives from the vitamins in whole fruits, science proves you may get equally powerful benefits from wearing a Fruitz watch with natural frequency technology.

The Natural Frequency Technology actually works with the individual biorhythm and energy field of the Fruitz watch wearer.
It is likely to inform your body to relax.
It does so by exposing your bio-field, the Master energy field that regulates your body’s functions, to important frequencies and information.

Fruitz watches may relax and calm you, and reduce your stress level too. A clinical study reported that participants wearing devices with Natural Frequency Technology experienced more vivid dreams in their sleep, felt more refreshed in the morning, fell asleep faster, and woke up less during the night, than those wearing devices without Natural Frequency Technology. Plus, everyday people wearing FRUITZ watches have reported better sleep, less stress, more focus, increased concentration, and an overall sense of well being. Are you ready to become more centered and grounded? Would you like to create a better and healthier you? Imagine what Fruitz will do for you!

Official FRUITZ site. PHILIP STEIN, creator of FRUITZ.

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