The Copycats: Cats Imitating Famous Works Of Art

Who needs Rembrandt when you’ve got a saucy little tabby? In the Renaissance, you needed to have years of formal training in painting or sculpting to be considered one of the masters. Now, all you need is a cat, a camera and a decent internet connection. Here’s a collection of pretty remarkable recreations of cats as famous works of art. More than anything, this just makes me want to go pull my old Far Side: Wiener Dog Art book of the shelf.

Salvador Dali, “Woman At The Window” (1925)

Alfred Stevens, “The Bath” (1867)

Richard Edward Miller, “Woman In Blue Dress” (1909)

Titian, “Venus Of Urbino” (1538)

Frederic Leighton, “Flaming June” (1895)

Rembrandt Van Rijn, Self Portrait (1628)

Ford Madox Brown, “Romeo And Juliet” (1870)

Edgar Degas, “Two Dancers On Stage” (1874)

John William Waterhouse, “Echo And Narcissus” (1903)

Mariano Fortuny, “Odalisque” (1861)

George Benjamin Luks, “Young Girl With Doll” (Early 20th Century)

Anton Einsle, “A Woman Before A Mirror” (1841)

Mary Cassat, “Breakfast In Bed” (1897)

Paul Cezanne, “Apples, Peaches, Pears, And Grapes” (1879)

Guido Reni, “Repentance Of St. Peter” (1635)

Carlo Dolci, “St. Catherine Reading A Book” (Late 17th Century

Ingres, “Grande Odalisque” (1814)

John Singer Sargent, “Repose” (1911)

Sir Joshua Reynolds, “Princess Sophia Matilda Of Gloucester” (1774)

Joseph Ducreux, “Self Portrait Yawning” (1780)

Gerard Hoet, “Young Man Playing The Flute” (Early 18th Century)

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