This Photographer Took Dogs From A Shelter And Created Another World For Them

Dog shelter Penkta Koja works in Lithuania and gets new dogs every day. Those stray dogs can be lost, hit by a car, left in the woods or just no longer needed because owners are going abroad. Did I mention the dogs that weren’t soothed for many years? That’s why they are grumpy. Stories are not in reverse.

All of them are taken to the shelter to look after. As there are many barking dogs the first days are so stressful for new ones. This is the moment dogs start waiting for their day. The day they will get new owners and new homes where they can be loved and recover trust for humans. But we never know when this day comes. So we all wait.

Penkta koja volunteers with digital artist Ausra Kel Photography who took shelter dogs that no longer lives in shelter and made a fantasy photo shoot. Ausra is a digital artist, retoucher and photo editor. She brings new life for photos. The same she was asked to do with shelter dogs and their owners. All captured dogs started new lives in new families. They had to stay from a few days to years in a shelter. This series of photos shows everyday life between humans and dogs. They see each other as heroes, as destiny and friends. Their everyday life isn’t better than other. It’s just different because they see each other different.

People ask me if I feel the difference between people who bought a pet or took from the shelter. The same as – is there a different feeling between dogs? YES! This is the feeling why you take the dog and the feeling that you were chosen.

More info: Facebook (h/t: boredpanda)

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