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How to Make a Doner Kebab

1. You’ll need 500g of lamb breast, an onion, some salt, garlic, cumin and coriander for this first phase. Yes, that is a 1lb tin of spinach purée in the background. Bear with me and it will all make sense.

2. Cut the meat into 2cm squares.

3. Pass the meat through a mincer using the coarse plate.

4. Add 100g breadcrumbs 7.5g salt, 2.5g each of cumin and coriander, 2 finely grated cloves of garlic and one coarsely grated white onion. Mix with a rubber spatula, spread on a baking sheet and place in the freezer until cold but not frozen.

5. Pass the cold mix through the mincer again, this time on the finest plate then form into patties.

6. This is where the spinach tin comes in. Line any clean 1lb tin with two layers of clingfilm then layer in the patties, squeezing them down to remove air gaps.

7. Fold over the top edges of the cling film to seal, place the tin in a bain marie of boiling water and cook in the oven at a gentle 150C…

8. …until the temperature at the centre is 75C (OK, I overshot by 1.5C. You want accuracy call Heston). Then allow to rest for at least 15 minutes before removing from the tin

9. Scorch the surface with a blowlamp before slicing vertically. A fork thrust into the top will stabilise the whole operation.

10. By this point things are beginning to look and smell pretty authentic. I’m starting to have flashbacks…

11. Serve on a warm pita with salad (mainly white cabbage), cucumber, dollops of yoghurt, tahini and chilli sauce. You won’t even have a hangover in the morning.

By Tim Hayward.

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