The Wood Art Of Mark Doolittle

Decorative Vessel “The Beauty Within”

This sculptural vessel was carved from a gourd. The relief carving contains a centrally inset orchid carved from wood (Basswood). The non-carved surfaces were covered by handmade paper and then wood-burned to create a stained-glass appearance.

Wood sculptures by Mark Doolittle Studio.

Free-Standing Wood Sculpture “Ammonite”

This sculpture was carved from a single block of Amboyna Burl, an exotic wood from Indonesia. It features a fossil ammonite, inset into the front of the piece, that is approximately 150 million year old.

Free-Standing Wood Sculpture “Coral Reef”

Coral Reef is a free-standing wood sculpture that can be viewed from all angles. It was carved from Basswood, an American hardwood, and the edges stained to mimic the vibrant colors of underwater reefs. It rests on a stand of African Padauk with an inset piece of Arizona sandstone. Detailed “pierced” carvings comprising holes & fissures were made using a variety of rotary bits and burrs. This pattern provides a sense of growth like the colonization of millions of coral polyps that build natural reef structures.

Free-Standing Wood Sculpture “Blooming”

This sculpture was carved from a single block of Amboyna Burl, an exotic wood from Indonesia. It rests on a carved base of Bubinga, a wood from Africa. It can be viewed from all sides, and is a good representation of my style and approach, which attempts to capture the dynamics of biological form and growth.

Free-Standing Wood Sculpture “Palm Flower”

This wood sculpture was carved from African Padauk, and features a fossil ammonite from Morocco (200 million years old) inset into the center of the flower. The sculpture rests on a piece of fossilized Palm, inset into a base of African Padauk.

Decorative Vessel “Swirling Leaves”

Organic, decorative vessel carved from a gourd. The non-carved surfaces are covered with handmade paper, and then wood-burned to create a stained glass, mosaic appearance.

Decorative Vessel “Mordedura”

This decorative vessel was carved from a gourd. The green mosaic pattern was created by covering the gourd surface with handmade paper followed by wood-burning. The carved gourd rests on a wooden base of African Padauk.

Mantle Or Desk Clock “Ancient Sea Form”

A large Mantle or Desk Clock featuring a fossil ammonite at its center, carved from the South American wood Keolbra with radiating Walnut spines. The clock hangs on a round, Plexiglass back supported by a wood base (Bubinga). The clockworks is a quartz, high-torque movement that runs on a single AA battery.

Handmade Art Book “Fossil Fish”

This handmade book has carved covers from the exotic wood Afzelial Burl, and features an inset fossil fish (50 million years old). The binding is hand sewn with wax linen using the method of two needle coptic sewing; no glue is used in the binding. The signatures are comprised of sheets of white linen paper; the signature is then wrapped in a sheet of colorful handmade paper.

Free-Standing Wood Sculpture “Beautiful Mind”

This is a free-standing wood sculpture; the female bust is carved from Basswood and rests on a Walnut base. The shields behind the bust are carved from Mahogany; real butterflies from around the world are encased within the curly Maple frame with clear plexiglass front and back.

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