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This Japanese Artists Creates Realistic 3D Portraits Of People’s Cats

Everyone thinks that their cat is the cutest cat in the world, with a feline beauty that deserves to be documented. This usually culminates in overwhelming everyone’s social media feeds with photo after photo. But why not take your showing off one step further and get your cat’s face perfectly replicated in a 3D portrait?

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All this artist needs is a photo of your fluffy companion and she can create what looks like a carbon copy of the cat’s head to mount in a frame, so you can proudly display his or her good looks on your shelf, wall, office desk… anywhere!

The artist, known as Wakuneco, uses wool felt and other materials to make the portraits completely by hand.

The artist makes the portraits on a blank background with the subject staring straight ahead, so she likens them to an ID photo. Sometimes she gets requests from people who’s cats have passed away so that the portrait can act as a memorial to them.

It takes a month to complete the portraits, so she cannot accept all requests. At the moment only orders from inside of Japan are accepted, but on her Instagram she wrote that she would like to be able to ship overseas one day.

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