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Breathtaking Photos of Models Pose with Endangered Animals


These poignant portraits look to shine awareness on the plight of some of the world’s most endangered ecosystems and species of wildlife. The images combine animals, art and celebrity, with Asia’s top models posing with the likes of rhinos, giraffes, leopards and marine life. Shot by renowned photographer Sean Lee-Davies, Love is Wild shows intense emotion between the humans and the animal subjects. Sean spent around four years travelling the globe in order to shoot the project.


Jennifer Tse with a whale shark in The Philippines.

A Freediver with a whale shark in the Philippines.

Anthony Sandstrom with an elephant.


Jennifer Tse with a whale shark in The Philippines.


Mikki Yao with an Asian Elephant.


Jennifer Tse with a cheetah at the Wild is Life Conservancy in Zimbabwe. (Photo by Sean Lee-Davies/Caters News)


Jocelyn Luko with a Rhino.


Jocelyn Luko with a rhino.


Jennifer Tse with lionesses at the Wild is Life Conservancy in Zimbabwe.


Mikki Yao with an Asian Elephant.

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