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Expressive And Whimsical Portraits Of Dogs By Kaylee Greer

Kaylee Greer is a talented 30-year-old pet photographer currently based in Boston, Massachusetts. Kaylee, who’s made her greatest dream come true, spends up to 80 hours a week traveling constantly for private and commercial shoots across the U.S. Equipped with a Canon 1-DX and a Canon 5D MkIII, she “is fueled by the joy, whimsy and unrelenting happiness that is so uniquely canine.

More info: Kaylee Greer, Facebook (h/t: photogrist)

“I am a fan of anything fuzzy that walks on four legs, but of those things – dogs are my absolute favorite. It is my personal belief that there is more happiness glittering in the iris of a smiling puppy than there is anywhere else in the world,” he says.

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