It Was Way More Fun Flying Around The World 50 Years Ago


Today, air travel is flooded with thousands of budget airlines, cheap deals and the smallest seats imaginable. For the vast majority of people who fly, it’s merely about getting from A to B without losing your sanity in the process. But 50 years ago, the world of aviation was actually the polar opposite. It wasn’t all about the lowest airfares and the cheapest route – there was a think called service as well.


Back in the 1950’s and 60s flying was a luxury reserved only for the wealthy and elite. They expected the same level of service in the air, as they received on the ground – custom cocktails, a dash of glamour, gourmet food and the ability to light up and have a cigarette or cigar if the moment took them. All of those requests were accommodated on flights during those days – 5-star dining, personalized service and actual room to spread out and relax.


Whilst there’s no denying its easier and cheaper to fly than ever, few of us (even those in first class) will ever get to experience an era quiet like the one captured in these vintage photos. It was the golden era of aviation, where luxury came at a price but was never compromised.


h/t: cnn, sobadsogood

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