This Cat and Dog Duo Love Travelling Together And They Take The Best Pictures

Hikers Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend had always imagined that they’d one day end up owning a golden retriever mix, at least that was until they came across their loveable dog Henry at an adoption event.

In fact, Henry was pretty difficult to miss. At just 14-weeks-old Henry was fives times the size of puppies the same age as him and from the moment he and Cynthia met they were pretty much inseparable. Henry walked straight into the pen and snuggled up on Cynthia’s lap. The rest is history.

Just three days into adoption they decided to take Henry on his first hike – something that he took too like a pro. A little while later a rescue kitten named Baloo joined the team, much to Henry’s pleasing.

More info: Instagram (h/t: blazepress, thedodo)

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