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Tiny Beach in a Cave


These breathtaking images capture the hidden depths of one of the worlds largest caves, which is so big its home to a beach, a river and a jungle. At more than 130m high, and 150m across, the imposing cave is so big as high as the London Eye and wider than one-and-a-half football pitches.

The incredible cave called Hang En, in Vietnam is the worlds third largest cave and even has its own climate. Photographer Lars Krux, 48, ventured into the cave with his wife Justyna Krux, and a party of tourists, in order to capture these stunning shots. Here: The campers set up inside the cave on the beach.

The campers set up inside the cave on the beach.

The campers set up inside the cave on the beach.

Looking out of the cave by the beach.

Looking out of the cave by the beach.

Walkers leaving the cave.

Looking out of the cave, by the beach.

Walkers leaving the cave.

The terrain outside of the cave.

The terrain outside of the cave.

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