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Pregnant Fitness Fanatic

“Mum-to-be Meghan Leatherman, 33, was pumping iron the day she went into labour. As well as going to the gym four times a week, Meghan, from Arizona, continued to walk her dog for three miles a day and go on a four-mile hike through the mountains every week. But far from doing herself or her first baby damage, Meghan, a marketing and communications consultant, insists they’re both healthier for it and her pregnancy was actually easier.

Now she is settling in to life as a mum after giving birth to 6 lb, 11 oz daughter, Florence Germaine, on May 3. But she expects to be back at the gym again in just three weeks”. – Barcroft Media. Photos: Meghan Umphres Leatherman, 9 months pregnant and dilated to 1cm seen lifting a heavy weight at her home town gym in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photos by Dave Cruz/Barcroft Media)

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