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Banksy’s Latest Artwork “Valentine’s Day Mascara” Dismantled Within Hours of Claiming It


Banksy’s latest artwork, a poignant commentary on domestic violence, has been met with controversy and censorship. The piece, which features a 1950s housewife with a swollen eye and missing tooth shoving her male partner into a chest freezer, appeared on the side of a building in Margate, Kent.

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However, just hours after its unveiling, a council truck arrived and removed the genuine freezer that formed an integral part of the mural. Artist Pete Brown, who was painting the scene when the removal occurred, described the vehicle as having the hazard warning lights and a metal cage typical of those used to clear fly-tipping.


The removal of the freezer has sparked outrage and debate surrounding the censorship of public art. The artwork, titled ‘Valentine’s day mascara’ on Banksy’s website, sheds light on the often-hidden issue of domestic violence, and its removal only serves to silence an important message.

Dan Bambridge Higgins

Banksy’s works have a history of being both revered and controversial, and this latest piece is no exception. It is a powerful reminder of the role art plays in sparking dialogue and promoting social change, and its censorship only reinforces the need for artists to continue pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo.

Dan Bambridge Higgins

Sky News

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