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Artist Draws Comics That Feature The Issues People Struggle With These Days


Jay Samit, an artist, uses painting as a refuge from a chaotic world. He notes the shift in pop culture from a collective experience to a more personal one, driven by powerful technologies, especially AI, that shape our lives and choices.

Having spent years creating these influential tools, Samit now questions their control over us. He developed adaptive video games and advertising platforms but regrets not considering their ethical implications.

Samit reflects on Warhol’s 1968 prediction of fleeting fame for all, contrasting it with today’s world where anonymity is a luxury. He questions the cost of modern conveniences like Tinder, Netflix, beauty filters, and Alexa. His vibrant paintings explore the balance between privacy and convenience, intimacy and popularity, and real connections versus social media likes.

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Jaysamit 1692195340 3170686781941917765 33707554
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Jaysamit 1692885208 3176473814174060037 33707554
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Jaysamit 1693749383 3183723041446987981 33707554
Jaysamit 1693932344 3185257832466251359 33707554
Jaysamit 1694178427 3187322119837714129 33707554
Jaysamit 1694442155 3189534432183643608 33707554
Jaysamit 1694613503 3190971807581531794 33707554
Jaysamit 1694785957 3192418450889565723 33707554
Jaysamit 1695220421 3196062999679777324 33707554
Jaysamit 1695738816 3200411617299789299 33707554
Jaysamit 1696079313 3203267912956580124 33707554
Jaysamit 1696423705 3206156881167783435 33707554
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Jaysamit 1698415513 3222865375618468687 33707554
Jaysamit 1698685399 3225129343586292292 33707554

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