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Soviet Ghosts: The Ruins of the Communism

Only the most intrepid urban explorers cross the tattered ruins of the old iron curtain to endure the excessive bureaucracy, military paranoia and freezing winds of the East to hunt for the ghosts of an empire.

Rebecca Litchfield is one who couldn’t resist the haunting allure of the ruins of the Soviet Union. Time and again she risked radiation exposure, experienced arrest and interrogation, and was accused of espionage while collecting the stunning photography in Soviet Ghosts. Join her on an adventure through the ruins of soviet bloc, never before seen by western eyes.

The emotional affect of this poetic collection will keep you coming back for more, while a series of expert articles offer in-depth analysis of the historical context. Contemplate the uncanny and disturbing emotional power of the imagery. Discover the story of the rise and fall of the USSR, the empire whose ghost continues to haunt Europe even today…

Hungary, MAV 424 Steam Train.

Ukraine, Chernobyl Hospital.

Bulgaria, Buzludzha.

Germany, Soviet HeadQuarters.

Russia, Young Pioneer Camp.

Bulgaria, Soviet Friendship Monument.

Germany, Soviet Headquarter.

Germany, Hospital.

Germany, Pilot School.

Germany, Military Base.

Bulgaria, Buzludzha.

Czech Republic, Milovice.

Estonia, Patarei Prison.

Germany, Soviet Headquarter.

Germany, Hospital.

Soviet Submarine, “Black Widow”.

Latvia, Laboratory.

Estonia, Patarei Prison.

Latvia, Irbene.

Bulgaria, Buzludzha.

Estonia, GUM.

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