Photographer Shows The Atmosphere Of Utopian Hong Kong Of The 80s, Its Landscapes And Surreal Architectural Forms, Frozen In Timelessness Ander The Diffused Sunlight

Alexey Kozhenkov tries to capture the era of change which saw an incomprehensible amount of development as it relates to the business world.

Now, as seen in the photographs, Hong Kong is marked with the reputation of a dense jungle of concrete buildings and lavish real-estate. The style of architecture may be seen as old in the new modern world, but at the time, it featured significant accomplishments which resemble a sign of the times and a memory of the past.

“The series “Ambient Metropolis light” shows the atmosphere of utopian Hong Kong of the 80s, its landscapes and surreal architectural forms, frozen in timelessness under the diffused sunlight.

This time was for Hong Kong an era of change and was marked by an unprecedented pace of construction, which made Hong Kong a city with extremely dense buildings and expensive real estate. Huge residential complexes and public spaces built in the style of architectural modernism are now old and Hong Kong has changed significantly, but these buildings keep the memory of the past.”

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