Psiphon Launches All-New Digital Look


Psiphon Inc., creators of the award winning Internet circumvention tools, launched its new website, video, and poster series through along with its new brand, Beyond Borders, for all digital and social media channels.


Along with the website, its first digital poster series entitled /censored accompanies its new web presence which sheds light on the issues of government censorship of the world’s leading information and social media outlets. The series of five posters showcase recognizable popular logos and the limiting effects of censorship.


The new Psiphon: Beyond Borders is firstly a push to bring to light and encourage dialogue on the issues of Internet information controls throughout the world to the users in countries where the issue is non-existent. Secondly, to promote the completely free Psiphon software for desktop and mobile devices as the ideal recourse for users when censorship measures are unlawfully put into place.


Psiphon plans to release more digital poster series in the future through its social media channels, Facebook and Twitter.


Psiphon Inc. is non-profit organization based out of Toronto, Ontario. The Psiphon software uses VPN, SSH, and HTTP Proxy technology to provide a set of free Internet circumvention tools that give access to the World Wide Web free of any government censorship.

Psiphon Intro Video:

Behind the Scenes Video:

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