“Darkness is Spreading Rapidly Lately”: The Superb Dark Photo Works and ‘Baugasm’ Posters by Vasjen Katro

Vasjen is a Graphic and Visual Designer from Albania. He has been designing Mobile Applications, Websites and Ads for 10+ years.

He loves to shoot photographs with his Canon Camera and Experiment around with different styles and colors. Studying Multimedia at UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire) he is developing his web based skills on programming and UI as well. Loving to study Human Computer Interaction Theories he developed his own style and strategies on web based applications.

More: Instagram, Baugasm, Behance h/t: visualplayground

“Well I believe that there are two sides of design. There is design to solve problems, and there is design as Art. People confuse the two. I prefer to use design for both art and solving problems. I believe the purpose of design is to solve a problem, or make you feel good or attracted to whatever someone is trying to sell even though it might be subjective as an art piece,” he shares.

If Bauhaus and contemporary art could have a baby, it would be called “Baugasm”. Luckily this baby exists and keeps on growing thanks to Vasjen who has been successfully inducing us one eye-gasm per day since 2016. 365 days a year, two years completed already without missing a single day. So we can definitely say that “crazy” would be kind of an understatement at this point, right? Crazy good, that is!

Vibrant colors, carefully chosen textures, 3D art, tasteful gradients, distorted typography and even a bit of animation – Vasjen combines all these and more in a series of eye-candy posters that are worthy of being showcased in every home and gallery in this world.

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