Here’s What Nefertiti And Others Would Look Like If They Were Alive Today


Becca Saladin (previously), who works as a full-time graphic designer, created the Royalty Now series as a way to bring the past into the present and to help us look at history from a new angle. Check out Becca’s newest historical reimaginings below and remember to upvote your faves. Let us know which of the artist’s pieces you enjoyed the most, too.

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Marie Antoinette

Becca started reimagining historical figures using her skills as a graphic designer around a year and a half ago. What started as a hobby has since blossomed into something much bigger, as the 262k fans following the Royalty Now Instagram account will let you know.

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Ever since she was a child, Becca has been interested in art. She was always painting and sketching when she was small. She became interested in history because her parents would read to her a lot while her mom would do art and science projects with her. So it’s safe to say that she’s been on the path to what she’s doing now since very early on in life.

Erzsébet Báthory

“The first book my dad read to me about history was a fictionalized young adult version of the Anne Boleyn story. I became obsessed with Tudor history after that. I also loved Pompeii, ancient Egyptian mummies, and anything else that helped me feel close to the people of the past. I think that is why I enjoy making the recreations so much,” the graphic designer said.

Henry Viii

She came up with the idea to reimagine historical figures when she was looking at a portrait of Anne Boleyn one day. That’s when Becca started thinking about what Boleyn would look like today because she doesn’t look very lifelike in her portraits.

“I saw someone else on Reddit try something similar with Tudor wives and I’d seen the recreations of Roman statues. I’ve always loved Photoshop and what a powerful tool it is, so I decided to try and recreate some of my own and then just kept going,” she went into detail about how she decided to start her Royalty Now project.

George Washington

Jane Seymour

Catherine Of Aragon

Elizabeth I

Yoruba Ruler – Bronze Ife Head

Mary Boleyn


Cyrus The Great

Suleiman The Magnificent

Elizabeth Of York

Shah Jahan

Toussaint L’ouverture

Dido Elizabeth Belle

Mumtaz Mahal


Catherine De’ Medici

Queen Nzinga

Hürrem Sultan

Lady Jane Grey


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