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“Dreaming Of Us”: The Superb Digital Cyberpunk And Dystopian Art Works Of Leopoldo D’Angelo

Inspired by Cyberpunk and Synthwave culture, Leopoldo D’Angelo, known as Dangiuz, creates post-apocalyptic and dystopian scenarios. The Italian artist deals with Computer Graphics, Digital Art and 3D arts.

More: Dangiuz, Artstation, Behance, Instagram, Facebook h/t: visualatelier8

According to Dangiuz: “Hello everyone! My name is Leopoldo D’Angelo, although almost everyone refers to me as Dangiuz.

I was born in Turin on 11 July 1995.

I am a Visual Artist, I mainly deal with 3D Graphics and what concerns it: compositions, lights, animation but also post-production.

In 2009 I enrolled in the Institute of Graphic and Photographic Arts “Bodoni Paravia” in Turin and in 2014 I graduated as a graphic designer. Shortly after graduation I started collaborating with graphic studios located in Turin. Subsequently I got in touch with 3D, and I started to take my first steps on Cinema 4D in September 2018, and then get to know Octane Render, which is the engine that I use most. My artistic streak is mainly influenced by science fiction currents, such as Cyberpunk.

In these images you will see some of the key elements of my renderings: dystopian scenarios, cyberpunk, futuristic elements, androids and so on. They are the result of about 2/3 days of work; inspiration mainly comes from works such as “Blade Runner”, “Ghost in the Shell”, “Altered Carbon” and similar films. They were made in Cinema 4D + Octane Render and post produced in Photoshop.”

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