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Child Prodigy Aged 13 Creates The Most Amazing Nature-Inspired Drawings You’ve Ever Seen


While most kids at the age of 13 can hardly draw anything, this Kid’s drawings will astound you. Dušan Krtolica, a 13-year-old child prodigy from Belgrade, Serbia has been making art since he was 2 years old. By the time he was 8 he had already had two national solo exhibitions, and he has since had two more to display his amazing drawings.

He’s work is slowly gaining popularity all over the world. So you better remember this little chubby and charming young boy’s name.

h/t: odditycentral

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Dušan’s knowledge of the animal world is remarkable. He knows about all the geological eras, and which animals roamed the earth during those periods. He knows all the 65 species of marsupials and can effortlessly recite their names. And when his parents bought him the most comprehensive encyclopedia of animals, it took him less than three weeks to learn it word for word.

“I would have studied animals and published a book about them, but I’m going to draw all of them,” said Dušan, whose ambition is to become a Zoologist when he grows up.


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