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17 Wonderfully Tender Illustrations Dedicated To Our Beloved Moms


Being a mom is the hardest job in the world. Mom will always listen and understand; she will always give us useful advice, celebrate our victories alongside us and help us get through the most difficult times. These warm and wonderfully tender illustrations will make you want to hug your mom.

Thank you for giving us the gift of life

© Sogni Su Carta / © Barbara Szepesi

For reading fairytales to us and telling us stories

© Zac Retz

For putting us to bed with tenderness and care

© Nidhi Chanani

For being with us during those sleepless nights

© Anna Speshilova

For supporting our craziest ideas

© Goro Fujita

And for helping us develop a sense of style!

© Pascal Campion

© Katie Rodgers

Thank you for taking care of us when we were sick

© Pascal Campion

For your constant support

© Pascal Campion

And for making cold and rainy days warm. We love you so much

© Goro Fujita / © Melani Sie. h/t: brightside

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