Model’s Underwater Shoot With Whales

Shawn Heinrichs/Barcroft Media

“Emmy” award-winning cinematographer, Shawn Heinrichs teamed up with model and diver Hannah Fraser to carry out a unique underwater conservation fashion shoot in a remote location in the South Pacific Ocean. The pair are aiming to raise awareness for the plight of the marine mammals at the hands of whalers. During the ten day shoot Fraser swam and glided with pilot and humpback whales.

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Shawn Heinrichs/Barcroft Media

“An incredible shot capturing Hannah Fraser swimming towards a humpback whale as it swims up for air in the South Shawn Heinrichs/Barcroft Media

Shawn Heinrichs/Barcroft Media

Shawn Heinrichs/Barcroft Media

Shawn Heinrichs/Barcroft Media

Shawn Heinrichs/Barcroft Media

Shawn Heinrichs/Barcroft Media

Shawn Heinrichs/Barcroft Media

Shawn Heinrichs/Barcroft Media

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