Gorgeous Beachwear And Lingerie Photography By Bonnie Cee

Bonnie Cee is a talented photographer and retoucher from Brisbane who currently lives and works in Sydney, Australia. Bonnie focuses on portraiture, she shoots gorgeous fashion, beauty and editorial photography. With subtle references to screen sirens and historical interludes, Cee’s work is intensely feminine and refined.

Her personal retouching signature envelops her work to create artistry in the image and a subject that is familiar and comforting. Bonnie cherishes the art of photography not for its highly potent infamy but for its artistic value and credentials.

“My freelance work has taken me all the way from Australia to Los Angeles, and has been featured internationally both in print and digitally. I’ve been lucky enough to work with world-class models, makeup artists, and stylists, and I’m always looking toward the next project, the next opportunity to create something beautiful,” she says.

More info: Bonnie Cee, Instagram, Facebook (h/t: photogrist)

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