Teacher Shares Photos Of A Backpack A Father Made For His Son Because He Wanted To Save Money

Getting an education is one of the most important milestones of a child’s life which has a crucial role in determining a child’s future. However, according to the United Nations, almost 60 million primary school-aged children aren’t in school. One of the most common reasons is poverty. There are many children throughout the world, who, instead of going to school, have to work to support their families, collect water or look after their siblings.

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To help kids get a better future, parents do their best in supporting their children’s pursuit of education. Recently, one exemplary parent became viral for his efforts. When five-year-old NY Keng from Cambodia started going to a new school, his teacher Sophous Suon couldn’t help but notice his original backpack.

She told Bored Panda that a simple school bag cost 30000 riels ($7) in her area and there are parents who are struggling to afford them. However, NY Keng’s father who works as a farmer, decided to save money on a school bag and resorted to a much more creative option.

Using the last bits of raffia string, he weaved a beautiful blue backpack. Once Suon posted the photos of the schoolbag, it quickly went viral. People were impressed by the father’s dedication and creativity.

“People said that it’s heartwarming, touching, cool and creative father, love this bag,” said the teacher.

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