This Artist Is Asking Street Artists To Paint ‘World Cows’ Around The World

World Cow is a dream where everyone in the world puts aside their differences and works together towards a brighter future.

In the beginning, Vermont artist DJ Barry and his wife, Cindy, were taking a scenic ride in Vermont when they came across a beautiful Holstein cow grazing by the side of the road. They stopped for a photo, which later inspired Cows For A Cause; a fundraiser for local nonprofits. 50%-100% of all artwork sales were donated to charity.

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World Cow evolved from Cows For A Cause. The spots became the map of the world. By doing our part to make the world a better place, we’re creating a culture that promotes kindness and paying it forward.

“People ask me, “What is World Cow?” I’ve struggled with this response because I don’t really know? It’s a culture that promotes kindness and paying it forward. It’s a global street art movement. It’s a brand that is bringing the world closer together. World Cow is a dream where everyone in the world puts aside their differences and works together towards a brighter future. Imagine the future to be a collaboration with neighbors near and from afar. It seems impossible but I believe it isn’t,” artist told Bored Panda.

” I started off painting cows for fundraising events, dressed in a cow suit for a campaign I called Cows For A Cause. I was painting a Holstein cow I photographed using four stencils and it was taking to long to create the artwork. I wanted to simplify the design to just black and white. The spots evolved to be the map of the world. The message is “we’re all spots on the same cow.” I tell my daughter this is true, no matter where you are from, you’re a spot on the cow just like everyone else,” he added.

“Now I’m asking street artists and friends from around the world to help bring the art to their countries and broadcast our message of unity. I’m messaging everyone using Instagram and Facebook. Follow @worldcow on social media. I can email you the high-resolution design to print and wheatpaste on a wall or even ship you the stencils if you wanted. Most graffiti artists have cut out their own stencils. I’ve painted large ones across the USA and now others have painted them in Greece, UK, Germany and most recently in Russia.”

“We love featuring artists from around the world and sharing their stories. Currently, I’m building a gigantic World Cow in Minnesota which will transform landscapes and help us broadcast our message this summer. The sculpture will first be installed in my home state of Vermont.”

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