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Miniature Artist Steve Casino Creates Insanely Tiny Portraits On Peanuts

Peanut shells seem like a strange medium for sculpture, but talented miniature artist Steve Casino turns ordinary peanuts into pop culture icons with so much character they could hang out with Mr. Peanut. Artist Steve Casino’s creations are as cool as his name. Made from the entire contents and outer pod of the peanut, Casino’s tiny works of art can take up to 20 hours for him to complete.

More info: Steve Casino, Instagram, Facebook (h/t: neatorama, dangerousminds)

Casino also uses other materials to complete his figures, such as bamboo or wood, then fills the shell with foam to ensure the nut doesn’t crack. He uses acrylic paint to bring his peanuts to life, and the results are nothing short of magical. Especially given the fact that his salty subjects are only an inch to four inches tall. Casino, a self-described “toy inventor” says his tiny celebrity nutjobs will run you anywhere from $130 to $230.

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