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Bizarre Portraits of Cora Korsett With Tiny Waist in the 1970s

Cora Korsett was a German BDSM dominatrix and body modification fetish model. Not much is known about her, apart from she was well over 6 ft tall and she appeared in fetish magazines in the 1960s and ’70s.


“There’s the question always asked again what degree of waist reduction through allerengste corseting is possible. Well, that depends primarily on the physique with the laced person. For example, I have a rather long and narrow upper body in the normal shoulder width and hip width handsome. The distance between my hip bones and the lower ribs is relatively large, which provides more room for the narrowing of the intervening soft portion of the waist, and secondly my ribs can be compressed much closer than in a person with a broad chest,” she said in interview.

“It is also clear from this my proportions also purely visual impression of a much more closely laced wasp waist, than someone with a short torso and stocky, relatively narrow hips and shoulders. However, the side considered also play breasts and butt a significant role, but because you can help out a lot to bounce up, swaying filling, between which a closest-corseted waist then so contrasting, thin, the corset fan excitement and the physician — at least — appear surprising.”

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